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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Second Class

Today was a sad day for Hillary Clinton and for all women. I can almost feel her terrible disappointment, her intense sense of loss and cruel bitterness. The highest office in the land, the most influential position in the free world, the leadership of a super power was all within her grasp and she came so very close. But now it's all over. The opportunity of a lifetime is lost for her maybe forever. And she fought magnificently and gave it her all.  In my humble opinion the only reason Hillary lost is because of her husband Bill Clinton. The once esteemed, intelligent, educated, effective, lovable president who let his penis take over his brain (and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that ALL men are absolutely the same) and effectively ruined his presidency and made himself and his wife the butt of countless jokes and created an army of Clinton haters that poor Hillary never had a chance. Instead of standing by his side and defending him and accusing the Republicans  of framing her husband if she had left him and had admitted to herself and everybody else that he was a dirty, womanizing and amazingly stupid man, she would have the respect and admiration of most of the people that hate her today and caused her colossal loss. I am very happy that finally an African America man has a chance to be our president and Obama seems to have convinced enough people that he is capable of handling the most complicated and scary job on Earth.  I wish him well and hope that he will defeat McCain and become our next president. The point I want to make, is that again for the billionth time a woman has suffered because of the actions of a man. The reason we are still second class citizens is because people of this "enlightened" country still see a woman as an extension of her husband. Hillary Rodem Clinton lost because unfortunately she is Bill's wife.